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Our Dream, Our Story

Network Funding. It’s an interesting name for a mortgage company, but it’s one that communicates both our vision and our story. In 1998, two longtime colleagues, Buzz Baker and Rex Chamberlain, set out to be different from the competition by creating a network of mortgage professionals driven by values, not just profit. They took this idea and turned it into a reality by creating Network Funding.

From the beginning of Network Funding, we set ourselves apart from other financial institutions in both design and essence. We began providing branches with loan product availabilities of a mortgage broker coupled with the administrative strength of a large financial institution. Consequently, our branches were free to focus on what mattered most, our clients. Quickly becoming a major player nationally, we grew to more than 150 branches across the country and over $2 billion in funding annually.

In the years that followed, we worked hard to become known by our integrity. Recognizing the ethical dilemma and the imminent future danger involved with sub-prime loans, alternative credit programs and other exotic mortgage options, we continued striving to do the right things in lieu of higher profits. We saw that many of those programs would put families at risk by placing them in loans they shouldn’t have been in and most wouldn’t understand.

Inevitably the housing crisis of 2008 arrived, crushing the financial institutions that preferred quick profits over higher principles and leaving the dreams of so many in shambles. As banks and lenders across the nation failed, we grew.

While many felt the American Dream was dying and the entire mortgage industry was on the brink of collapse, we began to thrive more than we ever anticipated, showing there was still hope in an industry marred by unethical practices.

Being one of the few mortgage companies to grow through the crisis, our reputation now precedes us. So as we look to tomorrow, we know the principles on which we were established will be the foundation upon which we continue to grow. Integrity, reliability and simplicity are our standards; funding your home in the American Dream is our goal.


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Our Success Tells Our Story

As we have grown over the years, our success tells a story that’s bigger than spots on a map or upward trending profit. While Network Funding currently has a presence in over 30 states and is originating over $2 billion in mortgage loans annually, we believe that our success is the result of our value-based approach to doing business.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs

Can a company’s way of doing business really impact its industry, the lives of its clients and the well being of its community? Yes, we believe it can and should.

Network Solutions mission


Our mission is to revive the American Dream of owning a home by serving every client with integrity, keeping the process simple and getting the job done.

Founding Principles


God - We believe our highest aim in being a great company is to glorify God.

Family - We believe in families and that they are the backbone of society.

Home - We believe homes are for people, not just profit.

Integrity - We believe in doing the right things, even when they are hard.

Reliability - We believe in getting the job done and getting it done on time.

Simplicity - We believe in making the loan process simple for our clients.

network funding vision


Our vision is to set the standard for how to do business within the mortgage industry. We want to grow both the size and impact of our company by investing in communities, helping families and restoring dreams.

“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Without it, no real success is possible.”

– Dwight D. Eisenhower

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